by Adam Armstrong

Violin Announces First All-Flash, Cost Effective, Primary Storage

Today Violin Memory, Inc. announced the availability of all-flash storage system that is designed to run all primary storage below the cost of traditional disk, the Flash Storage Platform (FSP). This announcement includes the new 7300, 7300E, and 7700 all-flash arrays, Violin's latest operating system, Concerto OS 7, and its Symphony 3 simple management control.

Concerto OS 7

Violin calls their new OS the "world’s first all-flash storage operating system developed for primary storage." Concerto OS 7 is a single integrated OS with system-level flash management and control as well as block-level deduplication and a compression data efficiency engine. The new arrays announced today, as well as all future arrays, will run Concerto OS 7.

Symphony 3

The Symphony Management Console is a single interface that enables simple, automated and centralized management of Violin all-flash arrays. Symphony 3 offers:

  • Granular control over enterprise-grade data services
  • Customized health monitoring
  • Real-time analytics
  • Advanced Reporting

7300 & 7300E FSP

The 7300 FSP is a 3U all-flash rack unit and utilizes fourth generation Flash Fabric Architecture to set new levels of performance, scale, and density at a per-gigabyte cost 25% lower than its competition. The 7300 FSP offers:

  • Up to 217TB of effective capacity
  • Block-level inline deduplication and compression (that can be turned off to optimize performance)
  • Supports up to 5,000 virtual desktops per system
  • Can consolidate Tier-0, Tier-1, and Tier-3 workloads

The 7300E FSP has the same features as the 7300 FSP only it starts at an entry-point as low as 34TB of effective capacity. The 7300E can be expanded up to 125TB without additional hardware upgrades using Violin's "Pay-As-You-Grow" capacity licensing.

7700 FSP

The 7700 FSP all-flash array is Violin's high-end modular array. The 7700 FSP is designed for and aimed at larger businesses and enterprises that have multi-petabyte and multi-site deployments. Customers who have Violin's 6000 and 7000 all-flash array series can upgrade to 7700 FSP and take advantage of all its new benefits including Concerto OS 7 and Symphony 3. The 7700 FSP offers:

  • Up to 1.3PB of effective capacity
  • Serves up to 20,000 persistent virtual desktops across six shelves
  • Adds synchronous replication and stretch cluster capabilities
  • The only all-flash platform that natively delivers a zero data loss architecture

Availability and pricing

Concerto OS 7, Symphony 3, and the Flash Storage Platform, including the 7300, 7300E, and 7700, are available now and start as low as $1.50USD per effective GB.

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