by Brian Beeler

Violin Pairs with Symantec to Deliver Data Management Tools

Violin Memory has announced a deal with Symantec to offer flash-optimized data management capabilities designed for highly virtualized environments. The new data management features in the Violin Memory Operating System (vMOS) include; snapshots, clones, thin provisioning, full-disk encryption, de-duplication and asynchronous replication. The net result after nine months worth of work between the two partners is a more robust Tier 1 storage array offering from Violin for enterprises who don't want to compromise when it comes to handling business critical databases, enterprise applications, VDI, server virtualization and data analytics. 

In addition to the Symantec-powered data managment tools, the other vMOS feature highlights include:

  • System Operations
    • System-wide wear leveling for high endurance
    • Self-healing, integrated RAID
    • Flash die and block failure management
  • System Management
    • LUN management
    • Multi-pathing
    • Wide striping for sustained performance and low latency

Violin's data mangement features will be available in Q4 of this year. 

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