by Michael Rink

Violin Systems Doubles Capacity of XVS 8

Violin Systems LLC announced that it had virtually doubled the capacity of its XVS 8 storage platforms. Earlier versions of the XVS 8 from last October had usable capacities ranging from 14 to 88TB. The current models now boast usable capacities ranging from 25 to 151TB, a little less than twice the previous. This is such a significant upgrade that I’m surprised they’re not changing the name.

Aside from the nearly doubled storage capacity, there haven’t been many changes.The XVS 8 kept its same large form factor; sold as a 3RU it comes in at 5.12” x 17.5” x 28” and 80 pounds. Impressively, power demands didn’t change at all, holding steady at 1100W - 1800W. 

The new versions of the XVS 8 line will still come with their Concerto software intended to boost performance. They also come with deduplication and compression options that Violin Systems claims provide an effective capacity as high as 907TB for their largest model, which is six times the notional usable capacity. Like all Violin products, the new XVS 8 versions should remain compatible with existing infrastructure so that customers can freely mix and match to meet varying business needs.



Violin Systems XVS 8

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