by Adam Armstrong

Violin Systems Offers New Deployment Options

Violin Memory came out strong as one of the early flash and all-flash storage vendors. Unfortunately they hit a few bumps along the way and pulled the shingle off their door last January. They are back, now as Violin Systems, and are offering all-flash systems with interesting acquisition and deployment options.

Violin is coming back to market with its Flash Storage Platform, which it states can increase performance as well as improving CAPEX and OPEX. The platform is the same one they have had that combines vertically integrated design of software, firmware, and hardware. So what is different here, is the question that begs to be asked. Violin is releasing the same products they had (it shouldn’t be lost here that these were very good products with great performance and software). This go round, the company is looking at a more innovative pricing model.

Violin has new acquisition and deployment models that will allow customers to acquire and deploy the amount of flash that they need, even smaller footprints, for what the company is calling, lower costs than traditional HDD or hybrid arrays. Customers can still buy the units from Violin or its resellers or they can use a pay-as-you-grow model, keeping costs lower at first and allowing companies to grow and acquire more capacity. The company also has a subscription model that allows users to pay for storage used. All options include support, installation and optimization as part of the purchase price.

Products being offered include:

  • Flash Storage Platform 7700 –scale-up modular primary storage at the cost of enterprise disk that features 1 million IOPs at 1ms latency and up to 1.4PB effective storage capacity in a single name space
  • Flash Storage Platform 7650 – extreme performance, 140TB all-flash storage with 1 million IOPs at less than 150µs latency
  • Flash Storage Platform 7450 – high-performance, 140TB all-flash primary storage that provides half a petabyte of effective capacity in only a 3U unit
  • Flash Storage Platform 7600 – high performance, 70TB all-flash storage with 1 million IOPs at less than 200µs latency
  • Flash Storage Platform 7300 – primary storage for multiple, mixed workloads with up to 70TB raw capacity in more than 1 million sustained IOPs

Violin Systems

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