by Mark Kidd

Virident Announces FlashMAX Connect Server-Side Flash Connectivity Suite

Virident has announced FlashMAX Connect, a software suite that creates a flash storage management layer to leverage the company's FlashMAX II PCIe storage in existing SAN and NAS architectures. FlashMAX Connect, now in beta, optimizes the use of flash storage for databases and virtualization applications including applications where a single PCIe card services multiple servers.

Virident vCache enables the administration of virtual cache devices to provide write-back, write-through and write-around cache. FlashMAX also incorporates Virident's vHA technology for high-performance, low-latency synchronous mirroring to support storage node and sever failover. vShare shared management enables customers to access PCIe SSD storage residing on local and remote servers to scale PCIe flash capacity independent of compute.


The FlashMAX Connect suite is now in beta, and will be generally available for purchase on a per-module basis in the second quarter of 2013.

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