by Lyle Smith

Virtana Announces VirtualWisdom 6.3

Virtana has announced the latest version of VirtualWisdom, the company’s hybrid IT infrastructure management and AIOps platform for mission-critical workloads. With version 6.3, Virtana further delves into capacity management with global storage array analytics, expanded range of integrations, and new portable reports and dashboards.

VirtualWisdom gives organizations real-time, data-driven lifecycle recommendations so that application performance, problem resolution, automated workload optimization are as effective as possible, as well as to free up capacity and ensure resource availability.

Highlighted in this new release is Capacity Auditor, a new global storage array analytic with global capacity management that provides app-centric insights and intelligence across hybrid infrastructure and multi-vendor data storage environments. Virtana indicates that organizations will benefit by having a comprehensive view of storage usage and trends across all storage arrays, applications, locations, physical storage assets, and effective capacity.

VirtualWisdom 6.3 includes the following other features:

  • Dynamic entity insights: Enhances VirtualWisdom’s continuous real-time infrastructure discovery with simple, intuitive dashboards and reports for servers, storage, and networks. Enabling immediate insights into critical relationships between infrastructure elements, visibility into vital statistics, and the capability to automatically apply customizable information sets for identification and cost.
  • New infrastructure integrations: Support for Oracle’s Solaris, Red Hat KVM, and Pure Storage solutions provides all the power of the VirtualWisdom platform to infrastructure elements within these environments and the applications that rely on them.
  • Portable reports: Empowers users to share collective insights, dashboards and reports across the VirtualWisdom community. Customers and partners can easily exchange best-practice monitoring reports and visualizations unique to specific environments and applications.
  • Hybrid Application Definition: Hybrid, real-time application views make it easy to visualize hybrid applications that cross multiple technology boundaries in one view – including applications that span multiple clouds (AWS, Azure), virtual environments (VMware, KVM, HyperV, PowerVM) as well as physical systems.

VirtualWisdom 6.3 is currently being demonstrated at the Gartner Infrastructure Operations and Cloud Summit in Las Vegas.


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