by Adam Armstrong

Virtual Instruments Debuts Beta Of Free Cloud-based Workload Analysis Service

Today at EMC World Conference in Las Vegas (booth #931), Virtual Instruments announced the beta launch of its new free storage workload analysis service and community, WorkloadCentral. WorkloadCentral is designed to help IT resources better understand how their application workloads interact with the underlying storage infrastructure. It will be able to make better deployment choices by using WorkloadCentral to gain insight into application workload performance profiles gaining a better understanding, while being able to benchmark and analyze existing storage infrastructure.

Continuing to build off of the merger with Load Dynamix and its release of VirtualWisdom 4.4, Virtual Instruments aims to deliver comprehensive end-to-end infrastructure performance analytics. Based on Load DynamiX Enterprise, WorkloadCentral is a free cloud-based community offering access to an extensive library of cross-industry workloads and models for both IT end users and storage vendors. Users will be able to take provided baseline models to aide them in sizing future storage deployments. Users can also take the models to run what-if scenarios based on their workload data. Moving forward WorkloadCentral can help companies save costs by optimizing their configurations and finding and resolving issues faster.

User can take their workload metadata (no actual customer data will be shared) and import it into WorkloadCentral so they can analyze production workload data, and build and share workload models across a global community within the Workload Library. Users can take models from WorkloadCentral and use it with Load DynamiX Enterprise to see how production application workloads will perform across storage protocols, technologies, vendors and configurations. WorkloadCentral also provides customers with documentation, educational materials, and videos to teach them how to better understand and utilize their workload analysis.

Virtual Instruments will be showcasing both WorkloadCentral and the recently announces VirtualWisdom 4.4 at booth #931.


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