by Adam Armstrong

Virtual Instruments Releases The Latest Version of Load DynamiX TDE

Today Virtual Instruments announced the latest version of its Load DynamiX Test Development Environment (TDE), version 5.6. The company also announced new Load Generation Appliances that include new 32Gb Fibre Channel Series Appliances and new 40Gb Ethernet Series Appliances. With theses newly announced updates, Virtual Instruments is calling its Load DynamiX platform, “the industry’s most comprehensive solution for workload modeling, testing, validation and performance analysis for enterprise storage deployments.”

With the new updates, storage and network vendors will be able to help their customers test storage performance capacity at higher levels under harsh but realistic loading conditions all in a single appliance. Now vendors will know behavior before deploying systems into production environments. This updates will be especially useful to the emerging 32Gb Fibre Channel and 40Gb Ethernet connectivity for storage infrastructures.

The new 5.6 version of Load DynamiX TDE can greatly enhances the load generating capability of Virtual Instruments’ workload generators, as well as a broad set of advanced features for the existing SAN, NAS, and Object performance validation capabilities through a new multicore capability. This will give customers both broad and precise knowledge of the behavior or their storage systems by designing workloads with specific application process behaviors.

Key features include:

  • Support for multiple 32Gb Fibre Channel interfaces within a single appliance and multiple 40Gb Ethernet interfaces within a single appliance, more than doubling the load generating capability over the prior generation
  • A set of advanced functionality additions for NAS and Object protocols; including NLMv4 client emulation support for NFSv3, branch control support for NFS, automated SMB credit settings, and HTTP Retry and Pipelining enhancements
  • A wide range of usability improvements for TDE including User Settings Profiles, Custom CDB Builder templates, and better integration with third party centralized repositories
  • Enhancements to improve collaboration in a source-controlled environment
  • Support for a new RESTful API that makes it easier to deploy Load DynamiX as an extension to customers’ automated test harnesses

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