by Adam Armstrong

Virtual Instruments Releases VirtualWisdom 4.3

Today Virtual Instruments announced that they have released the latest update to its Infrastructure Performance Management software, VirutalWisdom 4.3. The latest version of their software offers its services up to an even wider range of virtualized environments including Microsoft Hyper-V and IBM PowerVM. 4.3 also comes with enhancements in histograms, application profiling, and visibility into VAAI. Virtual Instruments is also announcing that it will soon launch wire-data performance probes for NAS and FCoE.

As we previously stated, VirtualWisdom is the industry’s first entity-centric approach, enabling application-aware infrastructure performance management. With this method, organizations can logically group system-wide resources from physical devices to application workloads, which provide users of all kinds with the insight needed to understand how resources and applications are performing. IT will be able to proactively optimize their system and focus more on business growth and less on troubleshooting. VirtualWisdom help give companies the tools and confidence they need to tackle future, expanded workloads.

New VirtualWisdom capabilities include:

  • ProbeVM for PowerVM, which provides greater insight into the virtualization stack to enable proper placement of workloads, as well as the intelligence needed to properly size the logical partitions (LPARs)
  • ProbeVM for Hyper-V, which offers enhanced visibility into Hyper-V environments to rapidly diagnose the cause of application slowdowns and optimize VMs
  • VM Coordinator analytic, which aggregates and analyzes historical virtual machine (VM) resource usage to eliminate overprovisioning and needless rebalancing, and instead organize virtual workloads most efficiently in the face of challenging migrations and demands for efficiency
  • Cloud computing delivery model, which integrates an on-premise VirtualWisdom deployment with analytics pushed through the cloud to provide customers with the flexible options they need to support expanding company requirements, while keeping expenses and investments at a minimum
  • Expanded storage protocol support, which incorporates new hardware performance probes for NAS and FCoE, ensuring enterprises incorporating diverse storage technologies that have wide-reaching critical insights into the holistic performance of their complex, heterogeneous systems


VirtualWisdom 4.3 is generally available now. NAS and FCoE hardware probes will be released later this year.

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