by Lyle Smith

VMware and VMUG's Virtual SAN Evaluation Program Begins

VMware and VMUG have announced that the Virtual SAN Evaluation program begins today. The Virtual SAN Evaluation program is a new product evaluation program designed for customers wanting to try out Virtual SAN, VMware’s hyper-converged offering. VMUG is comprised of 100,000 members worldwide and is the largest organization in the world for virtualization users all the while continuing to grow its network of customers and partners who strategically impact VMware products and services.

The new program is an ideal way for VMware users to get hands-on experience with this new technology as well as to test all of its features and capabilities it offers. The program comes at no initial cost to VMUG members, allowing users to evaluate Virtual SAN 6 for six months. To start the evaluation, users simply need to sign up and they will receive an email to download the software for a non-production environment.

Once the free 6 month period is over, users can contact their local VMware sales representative if they want to move their Virtual SAN environment into production. However, if they want to continue their free-trial, in addition to testing a number of other VMware products, VMware indicates that they can sign up for a VMUG Advantage subscription, which offers the exclusive EVALExperience. With EVALExperience, users will receive a 365-day evaluation licenses to VMware’s compute, storage, management, and EUC solutions for personal use in a non-production environment.

EVALExperience also provides people with hands-on experience so they can discover how things will work in various scenarios and allows them to work with the latest VMware products by building test environments in their own personal labs.


VMUG members can find more details and sign up for the program here. Additional information about EVALExperience can be found here.

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