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VMware Announces New & Expanded Cloud Services

Today at VMworld 2017 in Las Vegas, VMware Inc. announced several new and expanded cloud products and services that are part of its VMware Cloud. This new offerings include VMware Cloud on AWS, new Cloud Services that enable end-to-end visibility into cloud usage, costs, and networks, VMware Cloud Provider services and partner offerings, expanded VMware NSX support of networking and security for clouds and cloud-native apps, and VMware Cloud Provider innovations including VMware vCloud Director 9.0.

Businesses are undergoing a transformation and a large segment of them are moving to the cloud or starting in the cloud. As more players enter the cloud market they are looking for good tools and the correct tools. VMware is rising to this challenge by providing several offerings that match the needs of most companies now and will help meet future needs.

Customers want to know as much as possible when working in the cloud, this includes usage, costs, network traffic, metrics monitoring, and analytics. Not only that, they need to know that their applications and workloads are secure both in the cloud and on-prem. VMware Cloud Services aim to address this by providing a unified approach to gain end-to-end visibility into the above concerns. The following services help IT balance agility and flexibility with control and governance, across multiple clouds.

These cloud services include:

  • VMware AppDefense: a data center endpoint security solution that protects applications by embedding application control, and threat detection and response capabilities into the VMware vSphere-based environments on which applications and data live. By leveraging vSphere, AppDefense gains a deep understanding of the intended state and behavior of the applications running on virtual machines and can detect and respond to unauthorized changes. With AppDefense, VMware is helping IT transform security by building on a virtualization foundation and moving to a new security architecture that's intent-based and application focused.
  • VMware Cost Insight: a cost monitoring and optimization service for public and private clouds that helps IT analyze cloud spend, find savings opportunities, and communicate the cost of services to the business. With Cost Insight, users can understand aggregated cloud costs and identify key cost drivers. Cost Insight provides granular visibility into public and private cloud costs so that IT leaders can map investments to strategic business priorities and ensure cost transparency.
  • VMware Discovery: an automated inventory service that improves cloud visibility and tames shadow IT by bringing together inventory information and cloud accounts from multiple clouds, making it easy for IT to search for and identify workloads deployed from their enterprise. Using native cloud tags and properties that have been identified, customers can group cloud resources even if they span across multiple clouds. With better organization of cloud resources, Discovery allows organization of cloud resources in ways that mirror business needs.
  • VMware Network Insight: a network and security analysis service offering purpose-built for public clouds and software-defined data centers. Network Insight provides comprehensive network visibility and granular understanding of traffic flows to enable cloud security planning and network troubleshooting. Best practices checks, an intuitive UI and search simplify VMware NSX administration, making it easier for cloud administrators to manage and troubleshoot NSX deployments at scale.
  • VMware NSX Cloud: a service that provides consistent networking and security for applications running in multiple private and public clouds, via a single management console and common API. Micro-segmentation security policy is defined once and applied to application workloads running anywhere -- in cloud virtual networks, regions, availability zones -- and across multiple clouds. Overlay networking enables more precise control over topologies, traffic flows, IP addressing, and protocols used in public clouds. The consistency and control delivered by NSX Cloud enables IT to simplify and scale operations, improve standardization and compliance, and lower OPEX for applications running in public clouds.
  • Wavefront by VMware: a metrics monitoring and analytics platform that handles the high-scale requirements of modern cloud-native applications. Wavefront by VMware's speed, scale, and flexibility empowers DevOps, and developer teams with instant insight into the performance of highly-distributed cloud-native services. Wavefront by VMware's analytics, query-driven alerts, interactive visualizations, open API, and integrations, all powered by a scalable time-series database, deliver "first pane of glass" visibility to help DevOps teams detect performance anomalies while enabling high availability of key cloud services. Developers can self-serve and adapt Wavefront by VMware analytics to the unique needs of their code while gaining visibility into its production behavior.

Announced last year, VMware Cloud Foundation is a unified SDDC platform that integrates VMware compute, storage and network virtualization. Cloud Foundation is highly flexible as it can be deployed on-premises or consumed as a service in the cloud, and used to run traditional and cloud-native containerized applications. It provides an integrated cloud infrastructure stack that includes a complete set of software-defined services for compute, storage, networking, and security that can speed up time-to-market and lower infrastructure overhead. Today VMware introduced more choices for customers.

New options include:

  • New cloud services -- VMware partners delivering services based on Cloud Foundation now include CenturyLink, Rackspace, and Fujitsu.
  • New Integrated systems -- VMware partners announcing new solutions include the newly updated version of Dell EMC VxRack SDDC and the new releases of HDS UCP-RS, Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX and QCT QxStack.
  • New certified servers -- VMware is announcing an expanded list of Cloud Foundation certified server options from Cisco, HDS, Fujitsu, and Lenovo.

VMware’s network virtualization and security platform, NSX, has hit over 2,600 customers. NSX is a key component of VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware Cloud on AWS and multiple VMware Cloud Services. NSX has expanded its full range of networking and security services, natively, to containers. VMware is also reporting an uptick in Provider partners adopting NSX.

And finally, VMware announced the latest version of its vCloud Director, VMware vCloud Director 9.0. According to the company version 9.0 will enable easy and intuitive cloud consumption for VMware customers, and will provide simple and secure migrations of vSphere workloads to the VMware Cloud Provider environments.


  • VMware Cloud on AWS is initially available in AWS US West (Oregon) region
  • VMware Cloud Services including VMware Discovery, VMware Cost Insight, VMware Network Insight, VMware NSX Cloud, Wavefront by VMware and VMware AppDefense are initially available in the U.S.
  • VMware vCloud Director 9.0 will be generally available in at the end of this year or early next year.

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