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VMware Announces Virtual SAN Health Check Plug-in

VMware Inc. announced the general availability of its Virtual SAN 6.0 health check plug-in. As the name implies, the plug-in addresses the health of the hardware and configuration of VSAN. The plug-in keeps in line with VSAN’s core benefit of keeping things simple as it reactively and proactively alerts users to issues in the VASN including issues with the state of the network, host connectivity, physical disk status, and underlying virtual machine object state.

The plug-in stays with VSAN’s simplicity by downloading and integrating with the rest of the vCenter UI with no downtime. Everything is still maintained through a single pane of glass. And the Heath Check Plug-in provides clear and detailed warnings, and includes suggestions on how to resolve certain issues as they occur. This gives piece of mind to the user about both hardware compatibility and any issues that occurring being address in a timely fashion.

Health checks included with the plug-in:

  • Hardware Compatibility - scans your VSAN cluster and detects components not on HCL. Also will make sure you have the right drivers and firmware
  • Networking Configuration - checks for potential hosts getting disconnected, cluster partitioning and other network related issues
  • Limits Health - makes sure the cluster stays operational in cases like a host failure
  • Storage Device Health - checks for disk capacity issues, congestion, metadata health and other potential device problems
  • Virtual Machines Objects health - checks for objects metadata health, and other potential object complications
  • Also proactive tests such as: VM creation, Storage Performance, and Multicast Performance


The VMware Virtual SAN 6.0 health check plug-in is available now as a free download.

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