by Adam Armstrong

VMware Announces vSphere 6.7 Update 3

Today VMware Inc. announced the latest update to vSphere 6.7, update 3. The updated virtualization platform comes with several enhancements to benefit users. The two most notable is the support for multiple NVIDIA vGPUs and the support for 2nd generation AMD EPYC processors

Let’s jump right into the big enhancements. Update 3 enables support for multiple NVIDIA GRID virtual GPUs (vGPU) per virtual machine. With several workloads now being graphic and compute intense, users will be able to easier run them in vSphere leading to performance increases and the speeding of jobs such as machine learning. The other big enhancement being the support for 2nd generation AMD EPYC processors. These new CPUs are already proving themselves in the performance arena as well as other benefits they offer. VMware goes on to state that the update to vSphere 6.7 will also provide performance enhancements to VMware vSAN. 

Less flashy updates include the ability to change vCenter Server PNID. This feature allows users to change their Primary Network IDentifier of vCenter Server if need be, after installation. Update 3 now supports the usage of Dynamic DNS. And Update 3 comes with driver enhancements. The following drivers have been updated:

  • VMware nvme
  • Microchip smarpqi
  • Marvell qlnativefc
  • Broadcom lpfc/brcmfcoe
  • Broadcom lsi_msgpt2
  • Broadcom lsi_msgpt35
  • Broadcom lsi_msgpt3
  • Broadcom lsi_mr3
  • Intel i40en
  • Intel ixgben
  • Cisco nenic
  • Broadcom bnxtnet

VMware vSphere

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