by Lyle Smith

VMware Introduces vSAN ReadyCare HCI Support System

Alongside VMware’s recently announced vSphere and vSAN version 6.7 was the introduction of vSAN ReadyCare, which is designed to support its HCI environments. The new service helps customers quickly resolve issues (or avoid them altogether) while maintaining performance and availability. It does this through a combination of broad investments in innovative technology, efficient services and their VMware support teams.

The ReadyCare package includes:

  • vSAN Support Insight, a next-generation platform for analytics of health, configuration, and performance telemetry. It is specifically designed to aid vSAN users in maintaining a reliable and consistent computing, storage and network environment. Support Insight also falls under VMware’s Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP), which provides anonymous phone home health, performance, and configuration information directly to VMware support and engineering on a regular basis. VMware ensures that no actual customer data is phoned home and user enterable or identifiable data like hostnames, VM names, subnets, IP addresses, Mac addresses are censored.
    As a result, VMware claims that their customers will experience faster resolution time for their support tickets due to an immediate awareness of the state, configuration, and history of an environment. Moreover, customers will benefit from reduced operational requirements for their vSAN environment. VMware adds that their engineering team is looking to identify and fix bottlenecks and issues before they affect their customers.
  • The vSAN Health Service has been updated with more than fifty total health checks and, because they are cloud-based, VMware can add checks regularly without having to wait for a new version of vSAN.
    The “Ask VMware” feature (e.g., knowledge base articles) gives users a link to the corresponding article for further help and guidance to fix any issue that may arise.
  • VMware provides a range of professional services to help organizations confidently and efficiently deploy new software-defined infrastructure, including vSAN and their complete HCI stack. This helps to diminish time-to-value for core deployments and remote office/branch office deployments. Customers have the option to choose their engagement level, including three-day, remote service for a few nodes and a comprehensive multi-week, in-person engagement for the whole data center.

VMware vSAN

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