by Michael Rink

VMware Re-Introduces NSX Advanced Load Balancer

Today, at VMworld 2019, VMware introduced NSX Advanced Load Balancer and announced NSX Intelligence along with other NSX enhancements. NSX Advanced Load Balancer is a distributed application delivery controller. NSX Intelligence is a security analytics engine for VMware's NSX-T platform. 

VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer (previously Avi Networks Platform) is a distributed application delivery controller (ADC) built for the cloud. It combines a software load balancer, intelligent web application firewall (iWAF), monitoring, and advanced analytics. NSX Advanced Load Balancer uses a central control plane and distributed data plane to deliver application services as a dynamic, multi-cloud fabric. Using the central control pane, customers can dispatch services such as load balancing and web application firewall to any application on any cloud, running on VMs, containers, or bare metal. 

VMware NSX Intelligence is a new distributed analytics engine built natively into NSX-T that provides datacenter-wide visibility for security administrators. NSX Intelligences examines individual packets of virtualized workloads which allows for extremely granular network policies. NSX-T also get a version bump 2.5 which includes a Native Cloud Enforcement mode that allows customers to secure public cloud workloads using native cloud security controls. Other NSX-T enhancements include FIPS 140-2 compliance; the ability to apply Layer 7 application ID-based or context-aware rules to the NSX edge (gateway) firewall for north-south traffic; support for Layer 7 application ID-based distributed firewalling in KVM environments; VPN Enhancements for multi-tenancy; and packet mirroring for east-west traffic monitoring via Service Insertion.

VMware also took the opportunity to announce enhancements to their vRealize Network Insight tool. With version 5.0 vRealize Network Insight adds new support for VMware SD-WAN, AWS, VMware Cloud on AWS, and Azure.


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