by Adam Armstrong

VMware Release New Licensing Guide For VSAN 6.2

Earlier this month VMware Inc. released the latest version of VSAN, version 6.2. This version was aimed at increasing performance of all flash while lowering the price as well as introducing deduplication and compression, erasure coding, and new QoS capabilities. Today VMware released its licensing guide for the new VSAN 6.2.

For customers that want to take advantage of all the VSAN has to offer or returning customers that are looking to upgrade, it is always nice to know what editions are available and what licenses are needed. The VSAN licensing guide gives a brief overview of VSAN, the handy chart pictured above, along with several examples of the licensing and what it can be used for. The guide is aimed at clearing up any confusion, is free, and user can find it through the link below.


VMware VSAN 6.2 is available now.

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VSAN 6.2 Licensing Guide (PDF)

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