by Adam Armstrong

VMware Releases vSphere Integrated Containers 1.3

VMware Inc. announced the latest release of vSphere’s Integrated Containers solution, version 1.3. This latest version is all about making container deployment easier. Version 1.3 comes with a create and delete wizard as well as a new GUI to make it easier for users to create a Virtual Container Host (VCH).

As container adoption is gaining ground, VMware wants to create an easy way for users to use their Docker API consumption model on top of VMware vSphere. The first step VMware took to ease deployment is extending the existing vSphere HTML5 client plugin adding the capability to create and delete VCHs from the familiar vSphere Client interface. VMware also offers a create wizard, as one would expect, it walks users through the setup and deletion of VCHs.

VMware added in enhancements around stability and performance of its vSphere Integrated Containers. The stability efforts revolve around concurrency and scalability. VMware has made significant architectural changes to its Management Portal to improve consistency, provide faster updates, and enable a more consistent view between the portal and the status reported by the underlying container hosts. They have also added more support for third-party container registries.


vSphere Integrated Containers is available with versions 6.0 and 6.5 of vSphere Enterprise Plus.

vSphere Integrated Containers

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