by Adam Armstrong

VMware Updates Horizon 7 & Introduces Horizon Cloud & Horizon Apps

VMware Inc. has made several updates and innovations to its VMware Horizon portfolio. Not only has Horizon been updated to 7.1, VMware is introducing Horizon Cloud, the next generation of virtual desktop and application cloud services from VMware, and Horizon Apps, a on-premises solution. VMware states that these new updates and innovations should drive down costs and complexity for those looking to deliver and manage VDI.

One of the new innovations VMware has announced is its Just-in-Time Management Platform (JMP). As companies are moving their desktop and application virtualization to their mobile workforces, they are looking for improvements in both costs and user experiences. Using JMP, users will have access to industry-first integrated approach to managing virtual applications and desktops. JMP will be able to deliver user personas and dynamic policy configuration across any virtual, physical and cloud-based Windows desktop environment. Users will also be able to deliver real-time application delivery, 30x faster imaging, accelerated desktop provisioning, contextual policy management, and application updates without downtime for published applications. According to VMware, JMP will be available across the Horizon portfolio of solutions and will integrate VMware App Volumes, Instant Clone and User Environment Manager to simplify end-user profile management and accelerate time-to-desktop and time-to-application to deliver these improvements to customers.

Another innovation around end-user experience, is the new Blast Adaptive Transport technology for VMware Blast. This new technology will monitor network activity in order to maximize bandwidth utilization. This is especially important to remote workers, where bandwidth interruptions can interfere with productivity. VMware states the new technology will deliver six times faster speed with 50% lower bandwidth utilization than previously.

VMware is continuing its partnership with IBM, with running its new Horizon Cloud on IBM Cloud. Horizon Cloud takes advantage of the latest GPU technology running on IBM Cloud for VDI applications such as AutoCAD. Horizon Cloud also delivers feature-rich enterprise Windows desktops ideal for use cases such as seasonal workers. The VMware Cloud is also ideal for companies worried about cost effectiveness as there is no need for a required virtual desktop and application IT expertise and a ‘pay as you grow’ pricing model.

Availability and Pricing

VMware Horizon Apps, VMware Horizon Cloud and updates to VMware Horizon 7 are expected to be available in April 2017.

Pricing for VMware Horizon Apps starts at $125 per named user for a perpetual license. VMware Horizon Cloud pricing starts at $16 per named user a month. VMware Horizon 7 pricing starts at $250 per concurrent user.

VMWare Horizon

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