by Brian Beeler

VMware vCloud Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand Early Access Program Launched

VMware has announced an early access program for VMware vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) OnDemand. Approved participants will receive a service credit of $1,000 to experiment with vCloud Air. vCloud Air is a cloud platform built around vSphere, giving virtualization admins a way to supplement their local data center with an easy to use extension into the cloud. VMs can be migrated to vCloud Air, spun up there in the first place and moved around between on-premises and cloud environments easily as application needs change over time. OnDemand simplifies consuming the vCloud Air service by offering credit card billing by the minute on a regular monthly schedule without an annual contract.

Once signed up, provisioning a new VM is a few sliders and menu options based on the requirements of the VM. vCloud Air has a pricing calculator that takes the CPU, memory and storage factors into account so it's easy to understand the cost to operate. 

Once VMs are configured, vCloud Air OnDemand offers a dashboard that summarizes usage and spend data. Data may be viewed month-to-date, and more granularly via Past 24 Hours and Past Hour views. More detailed reporting is available of course to dive deeper into the spend by VM. 

Registration for VMware’s Early Access Program is available now. 

vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud OnDemand Sign Up Form

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