by Alex Schuchter

Walt Disney & Microsoft Azure Announce Partnership

Walt Disney Studios has announced a five year partnership with Microsoft to make movies in the Cloud. Through this partnership, Disney’s goal is to innovate and redefine it’s workflow for content creation, production, and distribution utilizing the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The Walt Disney Studios’ StudioLAB, an internal technology test hub, will be taking charge of the collaboration between the companies as they work towards delivering cloud-based solutions to accelerate technological advancement at The Walt Disney Studios. 

Disney and Microsoft are both industry leaders in their respective fields. Disney brings to the table a history and passion for innovation as well as industry influence in defining new ways to create content in magnitude. Microsoft brings to the table it’s Azure Cloud Platform that features hyperscale capacity, global distribution, industry-leading storage and networking capabilities. Partnering with Disney unlocks a new opportunity for growth in the media industry for Microsoft.

The cloud has many potential benefits over traditional content creation and storage practices. Some of the benefits include but aren’t limited to cut down redundancy in file storage and administration, increased efficiency leading to quicker content creation, and easier collaboration across multiple global locations. 

Microsoft and Disney have been working closely with Avid, a creative tools specialist, and are already demonstrating successful workflows. Some of the successfully running workflows include collaborative editing, content archiving, active backup and production continuity. Audiences may see movies that have been edited in the cloud on the big screen in as soon as 12 to 18 months. 


Disney StudioLab

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