by Adam Armstrong

WD & StorReduce Release Backup & Recovery Solution

Today Western Digital Corporation (WDC) announced its new backup and recovery solution that utilizes StorReduce software. In order to develop a more cost-effective and scalable backup solution, Western Digital will be selling StorReduce deduplication software with its ActiveScale object storage system. The combined technologies are said to provide PB-scale storage efficiently while helping to reduce costs.

Data, in all forms, is exploding. Not only does data need to be stored and analyzed to gain insights from it, it also needs to be backuped to protect it from data loss. This all comes at a tremendous cost not to mention a complex balancing act. Current backup methods aren’t changing with the times fast enough to keep up. Western Digital and StorReduce are working together to address these challenges.

The two companies are bundling Western Digital’s ActiveScale object storage system with StorReduce’s scale-out deduplication software. According to the two companies, this will enable on-premises or hybrid cloud-based storage for primary and secondary backups, with the claim of throughputs and recovery speeds faster than legacy backup appliances. Western Digital also stated that this inline deduplication would not significantly impact performance. Customers can get ahold of the system starting off with a modular 480TB usable with the data forever architecture (non-disruptive upgrades and data durability that stretches across multiple hardware generations). In other words, if the system needs to grow and change over time, the hardware and software in this joint solution can grow and change with it.


The new combined solution is available now. 

ActiveArchive StorReduce Solution

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