by Lyle Smith

WD Unveils New Storage Solutions For Consumers

Western Digital has announced new consumer content solutions today at CES 2018, including updates to their voice-activated media streaming via popular Smart Home devices, the world’s smallest 1TB USB flash drive and a portfolio of ultra-mobile, high-performance, wireless and high-capacity flash storage products. These new products will be branded under both SanDisk and WD names. 

Here is the line up of WD/SanDisk’s new product at CES 2018:

  • The My Cloud Home device gives people one central place to easily capture, preserve and organize all of their content. This voice-activated media streaming device now works with popular devices that support Amazon 8k services, allowing users to can access their music collection via voice commands. Additionally, the My Cloud Home app now works with Google Chromecast technology so users can stream their videos, TV shows and movies on compatible Smart TVs.
  • WD’s line of flash storage devices previewed at CES 2018 include the world’s smallest 1TB USB device, a powerful USB Type-C flash solution, and the world’s smallest 256GB USB flash drive. The new a low-profile 256GB SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive is designed for consumers that often transfer photos, videos, games and audio files to their notebooks, tablets, TVs, gaming consoles and car audio systems--approximately 14,000 photos, 10 hours of full HD video and 16,000 songs, with 64GB still available for other file types.
  • Designed for photographers and drone enthusiasts who require durable and high-performance media capture solutions, WD is also demonstrating two new portable SSDs, the My Passport Wireless SSD, and the SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD. The My Passport Wireless SSD features one-touch card copy, which enables editing and sharing of content out in the field, and a new capability that directly accesses the device within third-party mobile creative apps, like FiLMiC Pro and LumaFusion. Moreover, the new speedy SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD is ideal for saving and editing hi-res photos and videos on-the-go. 



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