by Lyle Smith

WD Unveils Third Generation WD PiDrive Solution

WDLabs has announced the availability of their WD PiDrive Foundation Edition products. This new and unique storage line combines both microSD card and USB drive technology with operating system installation software, providing the Raspberry Pi community with an integrated and inexpensive storage system solution.

Based on the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s Raspbian OS and NOOBS OS installer, WDLabs has added custom software and a seamless operating system installation process on the USB drive. Because of its large capacity, WDLabs has also included an exclusive ‘Project Spaces’ feature. This gives users the ability install multiple instances of the core OS, which grants independent spaces for project creation or support for multiple users with isolated work spaces.   

The WD PiDrive Foundation Edition comes in three capacity models: 375GB and 250GB disk drive options, and a 64GB flash drive. The 375GB and 250GB versions are bundled with a WD PiDrive cable, while all models come with a microSD card preloaded with the custom NOOBS OS installer. Raspbian PIXEL can be installed directly from the microSD card without an Internet connection and offers a desktop-like experience (web browser, productivity applications, programming tools, and games).

Price and Availability

WD PiDrive Foundation Edition is priced at $37.49 for the 375GB version, $28.99 for the 250GB version and $18.99 for the 64GB flash drive version.

The WD PiDrive Foundation Edition disk drive and flash drive products are also backed by a two-year and one-year limited warranty, respectively.

Give yourself a slice of Pi with the custom-engineered WD PiDrive 314GB! from WD Store.

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