by Brian Beeler

Western Digital Adds Offsite Backup to Sentinel Storage Systems

Western Digital has partnered with KeepVault to bring offsite backup services to their WD Sentinel NAS units. While many SMBs are turning to local NAS systems for file serving, computer backup and the like, not all have built more robust backup plans. The addition of the KeepVault offsite backup service gives SMBs both peace of mind for both data security and quick rebuild in the event of a disaster or failure of some kind. 

The KeepVault service integrates seamlessly into the administration dashboard on the Sentinel DX4000. The service can be configured to run real time or on a schedule, and the administrator can also throttle backup bandwidth to make sure Sentinel users still get good response times. KeepVault also allows for optional encryption when backing up for increased data security. Like the rest of the Sentinel, the KeepVault user interface is straightforward and easy to understand. There's a full online backup history available, along with intuitive recovery options that allow for one-click recovery, selective recovery, and selected download options. 

KeepVault will come installed on the Sentinel NAS units, but is an optional service. Prices are discounted for Sentinel users and start at $299/year for the 250GB service, ranging up to $999/year for 1TB. Additionally custom plans are available as well for .10/GB/month.

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