by Adam Armstrong

Western Digital Announces Ultrastar DC SS540 SAS SSD

Today at Microsoft Ignite, Western Digital was showcasing various technologies they have released over the last few months. Along with already announced technology the company also rolled out a new SAS SSD in the Ultrastar DC SS540. This new SSD, as the name implies, is aimed at the data center where, according to Western Digital, SAS is still alive and well. 

Leveraging the company’s 6-layer 3D NAND, the new Ultrastar DC SS540 is the 6th generation of Western Digital’s SAS SSDs. The drive is reported of performance as high as 470K IOPS read and 240K IOPS write as well as a mean-time-between-failure of 2.5 million hours. The SS540’s capacity ranges from 800GB to 15.36TB. Ideal use cases include all-flash arrays (AFAs), caching tiers, HPC and SDS environments.

Ultrastar DC SS540 SAS SSD key specifications include:

  • Interface: SAS 6/12Gb/s supports Wide port @ 12Gb/s
  • Form factor: 2.5-inch, 15mm
  • Capacity: 800GB-15.36TB
  • DWPD: 1-3
  • Performance
    • Read Throughput max: 2.13GB/s
    • Write Throughput max: 2.109GB/s
    • Read IOPS max: 470K IOPS
    • Write IOPS max: 240K IOPS
    • Mixed IOPS max: 300K IOPS
    • Read/Write latency 140/60µs (best)
  • Reliability
    • UBER: 1 in 10^17
    • MTBF: 2.5 million hours
    • AFR: 0.35%
  • Warranty: 5-year limited 


The Ultrastar DC SS540 is currently sampling and in qualification with select customers, with mass production scheduled for CYQ1 2020.

Ultrastar DC SS540

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