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Western Digital Releases 9.5mm 1TB Notebook Hard Drive

Western Digital has announced it's shipping a thinner Scorpio Blue 1TB mobile hard drive. Designed to fit most laptops, the 2.5-inch SATA unit squeezes two 500GB platters into the standard 9.5mm notebook form factor. As part of the Blue line, this drive will feature a 5400RPM spindle speed; offering cool and quiet operation as well as lower power consumption.

Previous 1TB notebook drives up until now have been 12.5mm thick, making them too large to fit in most devices. That includes the existing 12.5mm 1TB model in the Scorpio Blue line... unless you count external options which require additional cables to carry around. For many of the notebook shoppers out there, this new 9.5mm drive will fit perfectly, unless you happen to have a newer system that needs one of the thinner 7mm tall drives.

Western Digital WD10JPVT 1TB Specs

  • Spindle Speed 5,400 RPM
  • Buffer Size 8 MB
  • Average Latency 5.50ms
  • Formatted Capacity 1,000,204 MB
  • Interface SATA 3 Gb/s
  • User Sectors Per Drive 1,953,525,168
  • Idle Mode 22 dBA (average), Seek Mode 0 25 dBA (average)
  • Operating 32° F to 140° F, Non-operating -40° F to 149° F
  • Read/Write 1.4 Watts, Idle 0.59 Watts, Standby 0.18 Watts, Sleep 0.18 Watts

Pricing and Availability

The Western Digital WD10JPVT 1TB hard drive is being listed with a suggested price of $139.00 and is shipping now through select retailers.

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