by Adam Armstrong

Western Digital Sampling 20TB SMR & 18TB CMR HDDs

Western Digital (WDC) announced that it is shipping high capacity HDDs are sampling with enterprise OEM and hyperscale partners. These new HDDs include the 20TB Ultrastar DC HC650 SMR HDDs and 18TB Ultrastar DC HC550 CMR HDDs. These HDD’s were announced in September of this year. 

Data is growing so fast that the projections seem to change every time they come out. With huge amounts of data on the horizon, organizations are going to need to be able to store it somehow. While the cloud is always an option, cloud providers too will need a way to store this massive amount of data. While high capacity SSDs are a reality, they are currently cost prohibitive. Higher capacity HDDs will allow organizations to up their capacity without adding new racks or possible even new data centers.

The 20TB Ultrastar DC HC650 SMR HDDs and 18TB Ultrastar DC HC550 CMR HDDs hit high areal density through various means including energy-assisted magnetic recording, HelioSeal, SMR technologies, triple-stage micro actuation, and 9-disk platform. This will give organizations the storage they need in the same footprint. 


Western Digital is now sampling the 20TB Ultrastar DC HC650 SMR HDD and the 18TB Ultrastar DC HC550 CMR HDD, with qualification and volume shipments expected in the first half of 2020.

Western Digital Data Center HDDs

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