by Adam Armstrong

X-IO Announces All NVMe Axellio Edge

Today X-IO Technologies announced the generally availability of its new computing platform, the Axellio Edge. Leveraging technology such as NVMe FabricXpress architecture, the Axellio is quoted as delivering real-time performance of 480 Gbps for complex analytics on high-volume, high-velocity, streaming data and over 12 million IOPS. X-IO states that the main use cases will be cybersecurity, financial market data, IoT, and defense and intelligence. Along these lines, X-IO is working jointly with several software makers to deliver Axellio with several big data analytics and cybersecurity solutions.

After two years of design and engineering, X-IO’s Axellio, with its high-bandwidth, low-latency, and high density, is made for the emerging edge-computing market. As stated, this new converged server leverages NVMe FabricXpress architecture giving it very high performance and low latency to meet some of the most demanding workloads. From a hardware perspective, the 2U Axellio has dual Intel dual-CPU server modules (with 4 socket Intel E5-26xx v3 & v4 CPUs, up to 88 cores), 32 DIMMS with up to 2TB of RAM (with optional 2x  NVDIMMs), up to 1PB of flash leveraging 16TB NVMe SSDs, and it is Optane ready.

The above gives the Axellio performance numbers quoted at over 12 million IOPS, latency of 35μs, and sustained bandwidth of 60GB/s. All of this performance is geared around delivering real time insight and response from complex processing of high volumes of data at high velocities. This performance is especially critical in applications that use a lot of sensor-based data inputs and user need to gain real-time insights as well as responses.


The X-IO Axellio Edge is generally available now.

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