by Adam Armstrong

X-IO Announces iglu Bridging Fully Featured And Software-Defined Storage

Today X-IO Technologies announced a new portfolio of storage systems, iglu. The iglu family is designed to bridge the paths between fully featured storage and software-defined storage (SDS). iglu will bring X-IO’s intelligent storage element (ISE) arrays into the world of SAN. X-IO is stating that iglu will be a worry-free SAN that will run fast forever and will have virtually zero maintenance.

More and more organizations are looking into deploying some type of SDS. There is always some hesitation to adopting new technology. One of the key features of iglu is that it works with existing ISE technology. Organizations can purchase iglu, put it in front of their existing ISE (up to 11) and switch to SDS anytime in iglu’s extended lifecycle.

The first offering in the iglu family is the iglu blaze. Blaze integrates a full suite of data services and storage virtualization features such as application-integrated snapshots and efficient replication, coupled with the long-term reliability, performance and simplicity of the proven ISE hardware. iglu can be deployed as all hard drive, hybrid, or all flash. Customers will see a balance of performance and costs and will be able to adapt to SDS at no additional cost.

Benefits include:

  • Self-healing storage, offering high levels of availability, backed by five-year warranties for “low-touch” storage reliability
  • The ability to provide 100 percent performance at 100 percent performance capacity utilization, helping eliminate the worry of capacity management
  • iglu blaze can provide consistent high I/O and low latency for applications through offloading of storage performance and reliability control to the underlying ISE arrays
  • Deep integration with a wide variety of operating systems and hypervisors for simplified administration and operational flexibility
  • Re-deployment of ISE storage for software-defined initiatives, enabling long-term investment protection.

Availability and pricing

iglu Blaze is available today in North America, and starts at $103,000 (each configuration needs at least one ISE).

X-IO Technologies iglu

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