by Adam Armstrong

X-IO Releases All-Flash iglu

Today X-IO Technologies announced that its iglu blaze storage portfolio will now be available in a high-performnace, all-flash model, iglu blaze fx. The newest iglu, 800 all-flash, is all about performance and scalability and is designed for transactional databases and other critical applications in large, virtualized enterprise environments. X-IO will still be offering capacity in all-flash, hybrid, or disk, up to 30 modular units, allowing customers to scale where performance is needed and where budget permits. X-IO is also introducing stretch clustering across iglu for additional disaster recovery (DR).

X-IO states that its iglu 800 series with its new blaze fx flash technology gives customers a turnkey, all-flash system with a full suite of data services and virtualization features. The iglu 800 blaze fx comes with dual Intel Xeon E5-2680 v3, 12 cores, 64GB of memory, up to 366TB of flash storage, and can hit up to 600,000 IOPS. As with all of X-IO products, the new iglu system guarantees 100% performance at 100% storage capacity with an industry-leading standard five-year warranty.

The new iglu blaze fx, along with all of its iglu enterprise storage feature X-IO's data-at-rest encryption (DaR). This encryption adds security and compliance at no extra costs. X-IO claims that this feature secures data without impacting performance.

Benefits include:

  • iglu 800 high-performance all-flash storage with dual iglu blaze fx controllers deliver up to 600,000 IOPS for mission critical applications
  • Up to 366TB of all-flash storage capacity with the flexibility to support any combination of all-flash, hybrid, and disk configurations
  • Total capacity of 846TB performance disk using up to 30 modular Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) expansion units
  • Stretched cluster capabilities providing disaster recovery for data centers located up to 100 km apart with a network tolerance of 5 ms latency
  • Synchronous mirroring for a truly disaster tolerant architecture


X-IO iglu enterprise storage systems are available now.

X-IO iglu blaze

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