by Adam Armstrong

X-IO Releases Gen 4 Of Its ISE Storage

Today X-IO Technologies launched the 4th generation of its Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) all-flash storage with the ISE 900 Series. The fourth generation of ISE features new performance-optimized, highly flexible deduplication capabilities that, according to X-IO, will lower CPU demands. X-IO goes on to claim that the new ISE can deliver a more powerful and affordable enterprise all-flash storage solution with hot-swappable drives, an enhanced web-based management platform, and predictive analytics.

The culmination of 10 years of development and the field experience of over 8,000 units, the ISE 900 Series G4 platform builds off of the 3rd generation to work for workloads with growing volumes of data accessed concurrently for constant data availability at low latency. The latest generation can cram 60 drives into half the space of the previous generation, all fitting in a 2U footprint now. It also comes with performance claims of 400K IOPS. The solution is scalable from 9.6TB to 725TB effective in 10 drive increments.

The new ISE 900 Series G4 features include:

  • Market-leading affordability through patent-pending, lowest-overhead deduplication technology.
  • Adoption of an industry-standard, high efficiency CPU platform, lowering the entry cost for enterprise flash-arrays.
  • Volume-selectable deduplication enabling storage administrators to choose data volumes to be assigned either to high-performance deduplication or ultra-performance non-deduplicated volumes, all on the same array. 
  • Customizable web-based management platform and interface, OptimISE™, with monitored telemetry and predictive analytics to make proactive health checks easier and more effective. The management platform controls an unlimited amount of both G4 and G3 storage units.  
  • Hot swappable flash drives that can be serviced without performance degradation. The swappable drives replace X-IO Technologies’ former use of permanent sealed disk drive units, bringing new levels of serviceability without losing X-IO’s unique self-healing capabilities and consistent high reliability and performance. 

Key specifications include:

  • From Factor: 2U
  • Controller
  • Dual: Active-Active
  • 8GB FC: 4 ports/Controller
  • Capacity:
    • ISE 920: 9.6TB – 242TB
    • ISE 960: 9.6TB – 725TB
  • Performance
    • IOPS: Up to 400K
    • Access time: <1ms
  • Power:
    • Two hot-swappable 1600 Watt PSUs
    • 12V output @ 130A (1600watts)
    • Auto ranging 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz input
    • Current sharing
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 3.4 in
    • Width: 16.88 in
    • Depth: 39.27 in
    • Weight: 64 lbs. (diskless)


The X-IO ISE 900 Series G4 is available now. 


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