by Adam Armstrong

XIOS Version 4.2.0 Is Now Generally Available

The latest version of XtremIO’s OS, version 4.2.0, is now generally available. XtremIO has taken some customer suggestions and integrated them, along with other new features, into the new OS. Aside from the usual bug fixes one expects with an update the new OS now features PowerShell support, SMI-S support, serviceability enhancements, REST API improvements, VSS enhancements, XMS simulator, and WebUI tech preview.

XtremIO will support now PowerShell version 4.0 and 5.0. This support is based off of the second version of XtremIO’s REST API and will support all storage management commands. Through PowerShell users can connect to the XMS, which in turn allows them to connect to one cluster or all clusters being managed by the XMS.

The added integration for SMI-S adds several benefits such as allowing several storage devices from different vendors to be managed in the same storage area networks. This is extremely beneficial for users with heterogeneous storage vendor systems that need a broad interoperable management. With version 4.2.0, users can implement the SMI-S provider directly on the XMS.

One of the more anticipated aspects of this release is the WebUI tech preview. Being a preview means that they are not quite finished with it but are opening it up to customers to get feedback and make further improvements. Users will be happy to know that this WebUI preview is 100% HTML5, no more Java. Through the home screen users will get an overview or their clusters whether it is single or a multi-cluster.


The latest version of XIOS is available now. For a more detailed description of what version 4.2.0 can do, as well as more information for XtremIO users check out Itzik's blog here.

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