by Adam Armstrong

Zadara Enhances Its STaaS With ZIOS Intelligent Object Store

Today Zadara announced an addition to its award-winning Zadara Storage Cloud, the ZIOS Intelligent Object Store service. This new service is aimed at both enterprises and service providers. ZIOS is said to deliver a common storage-as-a-service (STaaS) platform that can be deployed at any location, supporting any data type and connecting to any protocol. Zadara is also introducing 16Gb Fibre Channel host connectivity and large flash cache options.

According to IDC worldwide spending on traditional on-premise IT infrastructure is expected to drop from 61% in 2015 to 47% by 2019. This opens up STaaS providers and Zadara is capitalizing on this change. Zadara’s new ZIOS Intelligent Object Store service takes Zadara’s hallmark isolated resources and combines them with private, as-a-service, object storage. Zadara claims that its ZIOS is infinitely scalable and the performance scales equally, as capacity grows. ZIOS is also S3/Swift compatible, provides different levels of administrative access as well as charge-back billing. ZIOS will also share the same infrastructure as Zadara's Virtual Private Storage Array and will run on Zadara Cloud.

Zadara’s 16Gb Fibre Channel host connectivity and large flash cache options are being introduced to address the growing need for flexible, high-performance STaaS. The new connectivity will enable customers to leverage their investment in Fibre Channel’s low-latency, high-performance and proven enterprise-grade interoperability together with their Zadara solutions. The new large flash cache option (which runs up to 3.2TB of cache) allows users to still get high performance while deploying large lower cost drives. Zadara also added support for VMware SRM, larger capacity 1.6TB SSDs, and enhancements to their Docker service - Zadara Container Services (ZCS).

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