by Michael Rink

Zadara Releases NVMe Storage Service

Today, at VMworld 2019, Zadara added NVMe options and other enhancements to its storage as a service platform (Staas).  Zadara was founded in 2011 and provides block, object, and file data storage services including pay-as-you-go services. 

Zadara has said that their new NVMe-as-a-service offerings will be available at prices below current flash offerings. The company will continue to give customers the choice of HDDs or flash-optimized SSDs as well. Zadara is also offering more compact storage node options to better serve edge use cases.

In addition to the hardware improvements, Zadara has also improved on its software.  They've added a remote clone functionality for improved data mobility between arrays, across geographies, and clouds. If you've found their offerings too expensive in the past, it may be worth taking another look as their object store enhancements should significantly improve the cost-benefit calculation. Zadara also bundles McAfee AntiVirus engine for on-file-access virus scans.

Zadara is attracting visitors to their booth (#351) this year by offering a chance to win Oculus Quest VR gaming systems if you listen to their overview.



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