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Zerto IT Resilience Platform Announced

Zerto has announced the IT Resilience Platform at its annual user conference, ZertoCON 2018, which will allow users to build resilient, always-on businesses with backup, disaster recovery and cloud mobility converged in a single, simple, scalable platform. Also announced is Zerto 7, featuring an “Elastic Journal” and additional capabilities that support its vision of continuous journal-based protection.

Coupled with the company’s continuous data protection technology, Zerto claims that their IT Resilience Platform will help fix many digital-transformation challenges by converging backup, disaster recovery and cloud mobility solutions into one single, simple and scalable platform. Orchestration and automation are built in, which allows organizations to modernize and innovate. Moreover, analytics and control will give users complete visibility across multi-site, multi-cloud environments, eliminating the need for separate backup, replication, orchestration and migration tools along with the complexities and costs to come with them.

Zerto states that their IT Resilience Platform will be based on the following features:

  • Best of breed CDP technology, which is at the core of delivering IT resilience
  • Continuous journal-based protection with a new Elastic Journal that delivers recovery point objectives (RPOs) of seconds at scale for short and long-term data retention eliminating the need for legacy periodic based backups 
  • New data protection workflows to automate recovery from any point in time across on-premises and cloud repositories

Zerto 7 will add new capabilities to its IT Resilience Platform, including: 

  • The Elastic Journal, a new concept in data protection, merging granular journal technology with long-term repositories allowing for a continuous stream of recovery points with search and recovery across data, files or VMs from any point in time from 7 seconds to 7 years
  • Intelligent indexing and search across on-premises or cloud to enable recovery for short and long-term retention
  • Data Protection workflows to automate the recovery from any point in time ensuring application consistency across repositories for short and long-term data retention
  • Zerto 7 will also introduce incremental, synthetic and full copies to increase efficiency and reduce storage needs, enhancements to its scale-out architecture and new on-premise and cloud repository targets.

Future updates of Zerto 7 include Prescriptive Analytic capabilities, which will analyze past performance and then determine optimized business outcomes to answer the question “what is likely to happen?” as well as demonstrating new “what if” capabilities. Zerto also plans to add GUI improvements and simplified workflows for a more friendly and efficient user experience.

IT Resilience Platform

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