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Zerto Release Virtual Replication 5.5

Today Zerto released that latest version of its Zerto Virtual Replication, version 5.5 or ZVR 5.5. With this release, Zerto is introducing Microsoft Azure bi-directional replication, faster AWS recovery, and Zerto Analytics capabilities to gain IT environment insights. ZVR 5.5 provides replication and recovery of enterprise applications, both to and from cloud environments adding to companies’ flexibility and speed when utilizing the cloud to drive IT resilience.

Zerto states that ZVR 5.5 is the first solution with bi-directional replication to Microsoft Azure. The company goes on to state that this feature enables applications to be mobilized, tested, managed, and protected across different infrastructures, all without business disruption. Customers can also use the bi-directional feature for failback of production workloads to VMware or Hyper-V environments.

ZVR 5.5 also has improved AWS recovery automation resulting in 3-5x faster recovery times for applications in AWS. This increase in speed makes it easier for companies to use public clouds for disaster recovery or for testing and development on a near real-time replication environment. The AWS enhancements also allow for expanded support to AWS regions in Canada, Ohio, London and Mumbai.

Other new features available with ZVR 5.5 include:

  • Automatic virtual replication appliance upgrades: Provides one upgrade process for all ZVR components, streamlines IT operations and minimizes risk associated with updates and upgrades, while maximizing uptime on business applications.
  • Extended API coverage: Additional APIs allow for complete integration with automation platforms, cloud portals and customized environments to extend the flexibility of disaster recovery processes.
  • Improved management of virtual environment changes: Delivers enhanced resiliency to virtual environment instabilities and human errors.
  • The Zerto Mobile Widget: Enables anytime access to quickly see environment health statistics without opening the full application.
  • Support for vCenter 6.5 and Hyper-V 2016/SCVMM 2016: Opens Zerto’s virtual replication up to support an even wider range of platforms.

The latest version of Zerto Virtual Replication has also added the Zerto Analytics platform. This platform gives users real-time and historical analytics on the status and health of multi-site, multi-cloud environments. The platform will give visibility of protected applications across the entire infrastructure, which can elevate resilience management and enable better decisions based off of live and historical protection and consumption data.


Zerto Virtual Replication 5.5 is generally available now.

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