by Lyle Smith

Zetta Disaster Recovery Now Available

Zetta has announced Zetta Disaster Recovery, a cloud-first disaster recovery solution that features a "sub-five minute failover".  Zetta has designed their new disaster recovery solution specifically for small and mid-sized enterprise customers and partners, allowing them to access business-critical applications with minimal disruption to everyday operations during a downtime event, both expected and unexpected. Zetta indicates that their new service is a cost-effective solution that provides high availability and reliability for demanding recovery time objectives.

Zetta Disaster Recovery is an end-to-end service that provides complete deployment-to-failback coverage and features an upfront network, firewall, VPN, and connectivity configuration and automated DR testing; all of these can be configured to satisfy an organization’s particular network environment. Zetta adds that companies will also be able to operate in the cloud in during unforeseen disasters using an easy-to-use and intuitive interface via a single pane of glass.

It is also designed to be affordable, as it comes with network and VPN configuration, and DR testing and planning. This allows companies to complete everything internally rather than having to go through outside professional service firms to perform these functions. Though cost-effective, Zetta Disaster Recovery has been built to cater to larger enterprises: it can rapidly protect immense data sets and complex IT environments using fewer system resources in less time.

Zetta indicates the following key features of Zetta Disaster Recovery:

  • Comprehensive support for end-to-end DR including backup, failover and failback
  • High-performing IO, CPU and RAM resources to support workload demands of SME organizations
  • Pre-provisioned virtual VPN and firewall to ensure that an organization’s workers have on-demand access to applications running in the Zetta Cloud
  • Power-on DR testing to validate that systems and applications will be operational in event of disaster
  • All protected data in the Zetta Cloud is encrypted using SSL during transit and using AES at rest. To further secure data, options for secure VPN connectivity to the recovered environment in the Zetta Cloud include Point to Site, Site to Site and IP takeover.

Zetta Disaster Recovery is now available through a subscription service.

Zetta Disaster Recovery

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