Cohesity Inc. is an enterprise data-storage company backed by SoftBank Group Corp. The company’s solution is a platform built on the principles of hyper-convergence, designed to unify and manage secondary data such as system backups and analytics. The systems are connected across public and private clouds into one unified view, eliminating IT silos. 

Cohesity was founded in 2013 by Nutanix co-founder/CTO and Google lead developer Mohit Aron. The headquarters are in San Jose, California. The company has been shipping production software for three years, and last year (2018) was reported it reached annual revenue of more than $200 million. 

Cohesity's essential products include DataPlatform, DataProtect, Helios, App Ecosystem, and Hyperconverged Platforms. With these products, Cohesity consolidates an entire solution to handle secondary storage workloads and solve Mass Data Fragmentation. Cohesity says that secondary data represents up to 80 percent of total enterprise data.

Cohesity DataPlatform

Cohesity DataPlatform targets data and applications consolidation including backups, files, objects, dev/test, and analytics on a single, software-defined platform. Inspired by web-scale architecture, DataPlatform is a scale-out solution based on Cohesity’s unique distributed file system, SpanFS. As DataPlatform is a software solution, it works equally efficiently on-premises on qualified Cisco, HPE, Dell, or Cohesity hyper-converged platforms as well as in the public cloud. 

DataPlatform highlights Simplified Management, Flexible Architecture, and Efficient Operation. Also promotes simplicity through a software-defined solution. Web-Scale Simplicity and Efficiency; eliminate unnecessary data silos and spans workloads by covering data on a single platform. Easy, Cloud-Ready Deployment; ensure seamless and rapid data and application mobility with public cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. And, One Platform, Endless Possibilities; besides data backup, using SpanFS, DataPlatform can also be used to recover applications instantly from any point in time to meet business SLAs.

Cohesity DataPlatform uses cases include Backup and recovery, Target storage, Files and object storage, Security and compliance, Analytics, Dev/Test, Long-term retention, and Disaster recovery.

Cohesity DataProtect

Cohesity DataProtect sits on top of the DataPlatform Web-Scale solution and is considered by Cohesity a high-performance, software-defined backup, and recovery solution, targeting modern and application-driven infrastructures. Complementing Cohesity DataPlatform, DataProtect delivers comprehensive protection with policy-based management for all workloads including virtual and physical, databases, NAS, cloud environments, and business-critical applications.

Cohesity DataProtect highlights to be simple, Fast, and Flexible. It ratifies a comprehensive backup and recovery for all workloads. Web-Scale Simplicity with Broad Application Support; to simplify data protection eliminating legacy backup silos and managing backup and recovery infrastructure with a single user interface. Lightning Fast Recovery; featuring rapid recovery point objectives (RPOs) and near-instant recovery time objectives (RTOs) to meet business service-level agreements (SLAs). And, Flexibility that Extends into the Cloud; including automated, policy-based management and scale-out limitlessly with a pay-as-you-grow model, to address current and future business needs.

Cohesity DataPlatform is used to protect workloads such as Hypervisors, Physical, Database, Applications, and NAS. Recovery level includes Instant mass restore, Granular recovery of files, folders, and objects, Volume recoveries, Instant volume mounts, and Instant restores of VMs.

Cohesity Helios

Through Helios, Cohesity DataPlatform provides a single global view to manage backups, file shares, object stores, and data for dev/test and analytics. Helios key specifications include Real-time multi-cluster monitoring from an aggregated dashboard, Pre-built and custom global reporting for data protection, storage efficiency, GDPR, and more, Global policies configuration and management, and Orchestrated multi-cluster upgrades.

Cohesity SpanFS

SpanFS is Cohesity’s distributed file system designed to combine the enterprise and cloud stacks; it is implemented based on the Ext4 file system. SpanFS IO Engine detects random vs. sequential IO profiles, splits the data into chunks, performs deduplication, and directs to the most appropriate storage tier. It also includes a Metadata Store based on a consistent, distributed, NoSQL store for fast operations at scale.

Cohesity Hyper-converged Platforms

Cohesity Hyper-converged platforms include the C4000 and C3000 solutions. The C4000 is designed to consolidate secondary storage and data services and consists of 3 models, C4300, C4500, and C4600. The C3000 is a system optimized for capacity, for large and data-intensive workloads. Both series are offered in a 2U chassis.

Each Hyper-converged node provides compute, flash, and HDD capacity. The C4600 node supports up to 2 Intel Xeon Processors, 128GB Memory, 1.6TB Flash Capacity, and 36TB HDD Capacity. And each C3000 node, supports up to 2 Intel Xeon Processors, 128GB Memory, 6.68TB Flash Capacity, and 176TB HDD Capacity.

Cohesity focuses on systems workloads, including Virtual, Databases, Cloud, and Physical. Uses cases and solutions are Backup and Recovery, Disaster Recovery and Replication, Long-Term Retention and Archival, Object Test and Development, Security and Compliance, and Automation.

Cohesity’s other products include DataPlatform Cloud Edition, DataPlatform Virtual Edition, Imanis Data, Analytics Workbench, and App Ecosystem.