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Second Gen Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs (Cascade Lake)

Second Generation AMD EPYC CPUs

What is Enterprise Storage?

In this series of articles, we demystify the alphabet soup that segments the DAS, SAN, and NAS space, along with providing clarity into the different types of storage and what they mean.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure


Storage performance depends a great deal on the interconnect or interconnects in some cases. Learn about the variety of networking solutions available.

Homelab Guides

Hard Drive Guides

Shingled Magnetic Recording is leading the way to the next generation of hard drive storage. Applications range from client to enterprise data centers. In either case, there are fundamental architecture benefits and challenges with SMR that need to be understood.

SSD (Solid State Drive) Guides

SSDs are growing in popularity across segments from consumer computing to enterprise storage. The SSD guide covers the origins and history of the SSD drive all the way down to a detailed look at each component of an SSD and why each is important.  SSD Guide

Learn more about SSDs compared to HDDs – SSD vs. HDD

SSD manufacturers release firmware updates from time to time that can improve SSD performance, reliability and compatibility with host systems. Upgrading an SSD’s firmware isn’t always as straightforward or simple as perhaps it should be, however. In this guide, we break down the upgrade process and show you alternative ways to update SSD firmware. How to Upgrade SSD Firmware

Other Storage Guides