Inspur Group Co., Ltd, know as Inspur, is a Chinese multinational information technology (IT) company. Its most important product is server hardware, but it also specializes in storage and other IT solutions. Inspur Group has four listed companies: Inspur Information, Inspur Software, Inspur International, and Inspur Huaguang. With these subsidiaries, Inspur covers the data center, cloud computing, big data, smart city, and smart enterprise solutions. Additionally, Inspur acts as a software developer and an outsourcing partner for the United States and Japan.

Inspur was established in 1945 and was formerly known as Langchao (English name). On April 18, 2006, the company changed its English name to "Inspur" and replaced the corporate logo. Sun Pishu is the current Chairman and CEO. 

Inspur is based in Jinan, Shandong, China, and has overseas headquarters in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The company's global locations include countries in America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Inspur Group is the number one server vendor in China; and it ranks as the top three vendors worldwide, in terms of global shipments and sales, under Dell EMC and HPE. 

Inspur Rack Servers

Inspur Rack Servers is an enterprise line of rackmount servers that focus attention on 2-socket, 4-socket, and 8-socket designs. This line of servers offers numerous advanced features to promote market demands and achieve cost-effective solutions. The 2-socket and 4-socket servers are suitable for solutions such as Internet Data Center (IDC), cloud computing, virtualization, databases, and business applications with extremely high computational density and scalable architectures.

The 8-socket server is part of the Mission Critical Server solution, designed for mission-critical applications and industries such as finance, telecom, government, energy, transportation, etc., where performance and reliability are critically important.

Density and performance of the Rack Servers line goes from the 2-socket design offered in 1U and 2U, supporting up to 2TB Memory, and 12/24 Drives (3.5”/2.5”); and the 4-socket design offered in 4U, supporting up to 12TB Memory, and 8/16 Drives (3.5”/2.5”). The 8-socket mission-critical server is being provided in 8U, supporting up to 12TB Memory, and 16 (2.5”) Drives.  

Inspur Rack-Scale Systems

The Inspur Rack-Scale Systems line is integrated by three products: ODCC Standard, OCP Standard, and Intel RSD Standard. These solutions are built for scale-out applications and consolidation of compute, storage, networking, power, and cooling into a rack-scale solution. 

ODCC Standard is composed of Rack-Scale System, a 42U or 46U rack, supporting up to 48 nodes (compute or storage) and a total of 576 (3.5”) Drives; Compute Node, are 1U nodes supporting the E5-2600V4 CPU, up to 512GB Memory, and two Drives (2.5”); and two Storage Nodes models, supporting up to 12 or 18 (3.5”) Drives. The ODCC Standard Rack-Scale System can be used for identical clustered nodes like massive data storage cluster and cloud resources pools, or a mix of different types of nodes for running multiple applications in the same Rack, like WEB server, application server, file server, GPU server, or storage server.

Intel RSD Standard is a covered infrastructure solution composed by Inspur InCloudRack, a 42U rack; Compute Node (4 different models), supporting up to 8 Intel Xeon E7-8800 COP, 12TB Memory, and 16 (2.5”) Drives; Storage Expansion Modules, supporting up to 12 (2.5”) Drives; and PCIe Expansion Modules, up to 8. The PCIe expansion module provides 2x PCIe 3.0 x16 slots or 4 PCIe 3.0 x8 slots and supports PCIe devices such as MIC cards, GPU cards, and PCIe SSDs. The Intel RSD Standard Rack-Scale System is suitable for the most demanding applications in the datacenter, intended to offer flexible configuration and exceptional ease to upgrade.

OCP Standard consolidates compute nodes (4 different models), JBOD nodes, and GPU nodes into a scale-out solution for various workloads. The application scenarios of the OCP Standard Rack-Sacale System are machine learning, high-performance computing, Big data analytics, and cloud computing.

Inspur Blade Systems

The Converged Architecture Blade Serve I9000 is an 8U chassis composed by Compute Node, Storage Expansion Node, and PCIe Expansion Node. These modules are based on the same models used by Rack-Scale Systems; therefore, the specifications are the same. Additionally, Blade Systems includes Switch Modules of 16Gb FC SAN switch module, 10Gb Converged Switch Module, and 1Gb/10Gb Multi-Layer Converged Switch Module; and Network Mezzanine Card of 10GbE Dual Ports Mezzanine module and 16G FC Dual Ports Mezzanine module.

In addition to Rack Servers, Mission Critical Systems, Rack-Scale Systems, and Blade Systems, Inspur also includes the following server products in its portfolio: Enterprise Infrastructure, Application Optimized, SAP HANA Systems, and Server Management Platforms.

Inspur Storage

Three principal solutions integrate the Inspur Storage line: General Purpose Storage, Solid-State Array, and Software-Defined Storage. The Inspur General Purpose Storage line is made of six storage products supporting FC, SCSI, NFS, CIFS, HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, IPX, NetBEUI, and iSCSI protocols. The number of disks supported range from 216 up to 7,360, when adding expansion enclosures.

The Inspur Storage operating system is built specifically for cloud computing and big data environments, lower latency, higher performance, powerful expansion capacity, rich software features, and industry-leading hardware platforms, its purpose is to meet the needs of data storage, disaster recovery, dual-active and backup in applications such as large and medium-sized databases OLTP/OLAP, virtualization and file sharing.

Solid-State Array converged active storage system that targets government, finance, communications, energy, media, medical, education, SMB, and other sectors. And the Software-Defined Storage (AS13000), is considered in weather forecasting, security monitoring, radio and television media, finance, telecommunication, education, scientific research, and biological medicine industries.

Inspur Solutions

Inspur Solutions focuses on Enterprise Cloud Solutions, Public Cloud Solutions, HPC Solutions, AI Solutions, SAP HANA Solutions, and HCI Solutions. Also Industry Solutions such as E-Government, E-Education, Smart City, E-Taxation, Media Cloud, Intelligent Grain Solution, Public Security Solution, Bank & Enterprise Cooperation Solutions, and OSS Assurance Solution/IPMS.