IBM Adds Meta Llama 3 To watsonx, Expands AI Offerings

In a strategic expansion of its AI offerings, IBM introduced Meta Llama 3 to its watsonx AI and data platform, enriching its library with advanced capabilities alongside its proprietary Granite series models.

In a strategic expansion of its AI offerings, IBM introduced Meta Llama 3 to its watsonx AI and data platform, enriching its library with advanced capabilities alongside its proprietary Granite series models.

This integration is the latest outcome of IBM’s fruitful partnership with Meta, demonstrating their shared commitment to fostering an open, innovative AI ecosystem through the AI Alliance. This consortium, encompassing over 80 stakeholders from various sectors, is dedicated to propelling AI innovation.

IBM Consulting and Client engineering team has been deploying Llama models in various real-world applications and pilots tailored to the needs of various businesses. Notably, their collaboration with the Recording Academy yielded a content engine customized with Llama 2, delivering digital content precisely aligned with the Academy’Academy’sshed brand voice and standards.

Meta’s newly released Llama 3 boasts language models equipped with 8 billion and 70 billion parameter counts, respectively. These models are versatile enough to handle a broad spectrum of tasks, including summarization, classification, information extraction, and sophisticated content-responsive questioning and answering. The 8B variant is optimized for speed, conducive to edge computing. The 70B variant excels in creating content and is more suited to intensive tasks such as conversational AI and comprehensive language analysis. Meta has noted a performance enhancement in Llama 3 over its predecessor and plans to roll out additional features, models, and performance enhancements, along with publishing research on Llama 3.

Further diversifying its portfolio, IBM also provides Code Llama 34B, specifically designed for code generation and translation within the watsonx environment. These Llama models are accessible via Software as a Service (SaaS) and on-premises solutions, allowing clients to tailor AI implementation to their unique data and application scenarios.

Embracing a collaborative approach similar to Meta, IBM encourages a dynamic exchange among AI developers and researchers to contribute to the evolution of open and ethical AI. The industry is highly anticipating the potential applications and innovations Llama 3 and subsequent models will enable on the watsonx platform.

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