Enterprise IT reviews include storage arrays of course, but all of the other components as well including cloud, SSDs, HDDs, switching, servers and much more.

AWS Graviton4-Powered EC2 R8g Instances Go GA

AWS EC2 R8g instances powered by the latest Graviton4 processors are GA! (more…)

2 days ago

VAST Data Platform Earns High-Performance Storage Solution Certification for NVIDIA Partner Network Cloud Partners

VAST Data achieves certification as a high-performance storage solution for NVIDIA Partner Network cloud partners. (more…)

2 days ago

Giga Computing Unveils Advanced AI and Cooling Solutions

Giga Computing, a subsidiary of GIGABYTE, recently introduced solutions to tackle complex AI workloads and improve energy efficiency through advanced…

2 days ago

Azure Stack HCI: Microsoft’s Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Solution, Release 23H2

Azure Stack HCI represents Microsoft's cutting-edge approach to hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), offering a seamless blend of on-premises computing power with…

2 days ago

Geyser Data—Tape Backup as-a-Service

Geyser Data offers a cost-effective backup solution using Spectra Cube tape library, LTO-9 media, and BlackPearl S3-compatible object storage. (more…)

2 days ago

Cerabyte Expands Innovative Data Storage Technology to the US

Cerabyte is expanding its operations to bring accessible, permanent storage technology to the US. (more…)

2 days ago

Chilldyne Starter Kit Enables Rapid Liquid-Cooling Adoption in the Data Center

The Chilldyne Starter Kit makes it easy for data centers to bring liquid-cooling in thanks to non-spill negative pressure and…

2 days ago

AMD Zen 5 Architecture and XDNA 2 Announced

The AMD Zen 5 architecture employs an innovative modular design, allowing AMD to create CPUs for desktops, servers, clients, and…

3 days ago

Japan Integrating Thousands of NVIDIA H200s into AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure 3.0

NVIDIA will integrate thousands of H200 Tensor Core GPUs into Japan's AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure 3.0 (ABCI 3.0). HPE Cray…

5 days ago

CoolIT Systems Launches New CDUs for AI and HPC Cooling Solutions

CoolIT Systems aims to revolutionize data center cooling with its latest high-capacity and scalable Coolant Distribution Units. (more…)

1 week ago