NVIDIA GTC 2024 set for March 18-21 2024

As the tech community gathers at GTC 2024, the event promises not just to showcase innovations but to inspire a new generation of technologies that will shape our future.

The tech world is a buzz to see the latest advancements as NVIDIA announces its much-anticipated GTC 2024 conference. Scheduled to take place at the San Jose Convention Center from March 18-21, this event marks the return of the in-person GTC, attracting over 300,000 attendees globally, eager to witness the latest innovations in accelerated computing, generative AI, and robotics from the frontrunner of the AI surge.

Jensen Huang, NVIDIA’s founder, and CEO, is set to kickstart the conference with a keynote speech that promises to unveil the cutting-edge of AI technology. Since his 2014 address, where machine learning took center stage, NVIDIA has consistently led the charge in the AI domain, revolutionizing industries with its comprehensive platforms.

This year’s GTC brings an impressive lineup of over 900 sessions and 300 exhibitors (expo sold out quickly we’re told), demonstrating the transformative power of NVIDIA’s technology across various sectors, from aerospace to healthcare and beyond. The event is not just a showcase but a testament to the pervasive influence of AI in shaping the future.

“Generative AI has emerged as a transformative force, and GTC stands at the forefront of this revolution, offering a platform for sharing knowledge and driving innovation,” says Huang. With an assembly of luminaries from OpenAI, Microsoft GenAI, Google DeepMind, and more, the conference is a melting pot of ideas set to redefine the technological landscape.

Among the distinguished attendees, StorageReview will also attend. Our in-house AI Practitioner Jordan Ranous, prompter of the famous NVIDIA Golden AI Retriever, will be there.

The GTC 2024 is not just about lectures and exhibits but also features an array of interactive demos, from the latest in autonomous vehicles to robotics, showcasing the real-world impact of generative AI. Highlights include a multisensory installation by AI artist Refik Anadol and vehicles like the Volvo EX90 and Mercedes-Benz Concept CLA Class.

Research takes center stage with sessions led by the authors of “Attention Is All You Need,” and discussions on the future of AI with leading scientists and innovators. These insights offer a glimpse into the evolving field of AI research, highlighting NVIDIA’s role in fostering innovation.

For those looking to deepen their understanding, GTC 2024 provides extensive learning opportunities, from policy discussions to technical workshops, catering to a diverse audience. NVIDIA’s Inception program further enriches the experience, spotlighting startups that are pushing the boundaries of technology.

As the tech community gathers at GTC 2024, the event promises not just to showcase innovations but to inspire a new generation of technologies that will shape our future. With StorageReview’s Jordan Ranous on-site, attendees can look forward to exclusive insights and analyses, bridging the gap between cutting-edge research and its practical implications for the industry.

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Brian Beeler

Brian is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and is the chief analyst and President of StorageReview.com.

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