​Rubrik is a computer software company that specializes in cloud data management. Its main product is a software-defined data management platform for physical, virtual, and hybrid environments. Rubrik targets enterprises that demand simplicity, instant data access, app-mobility, policy-driven automation, Ransomware protection, and analytics at scale. Rubrik’s software can be run on-premises and in the cloud to protect and manage data.

Rubrik was founded by Bipul Sinha (current CEO), Arvind Jain, Soham Mazumdar, and Arvind Nithrakashyap. The company is based in Palo Alto, California, and global offices are located in The Netherlands, Canada, India, England, and Ireland. In January 2019, Rubrik reached $3.3 billion in total valuation.

The company’s essential products are Rubrik Cloud Data Management (Appliance and Software), Rubrik Polaris, and Rubrik Mosaic. Key solutions include Backup & Recovery, Replication & Disaster Recovery, and data security, targeting enterprise data in the cloud, on-premises, or at the data center.

Rubrik Cloud Data Management

Rubrik’s Cloud Data Management is the focal product of the company. According to Rubrik, the product is a single software platform that delivers backup, instant recovery, archival, search, analytics, compliance, and copy data management in one secure fabric across data centers and clouds.

Rubrik uses one single platform to manage all the data spanned across different systems layers. Cloud Data Management is designed as vendor-agnostic from Day 1, supporting industry-leading applications, operating systems, databases, hypervisors, clouds, and SaaS applications.

The product is composed of a stack where each layer scales and is independently resistant to failures. Based on what Rubrik has to say, the stack is tied-up by:

  • Infinity, the interface between the the outer world and Cerebro. APIs execute SLA policies throughout the system and deliver granular control to users.
  • Cerebro, the “brains” of Rubrik. Abstracts a data control plane detached from any underlying infrastructure.
  • Atlas, a cloud-scale file system designed to be masterless and self-healing. Works with Cerebro to provide instant recovery.

Rubrik’s Cloud Data Management is presented in two models, plug-and-play appliances and software editions. For both models, Rubrik claims a linear scale in capacity and performance.

Rubrik Appliances

Rubrik offers standard and enhanced flash appliances to satisfy enterprise data management needs, consolidating hardware, and software components into a single platform. Enhanced flash appliances include Rubrik r6304se, r6404se, r6408se, r6410se, and r6412se, intended to serve from small to large-scale environments; also environments requiring higher security standards.

All of Rubrik’s appliances are provided in a 2U chassis. Density and performance of the latest enhanced appliances versions go from the Rubrik r6304se supporting up to 3 Processors, 192GB DD4 Memory, 9 x 4TB HDD, and 3 x 3.8TB SSD, to Rubrik r6304se supporting up to 4 Processors, 384GB DD4 Memory, 9 x 4TB HDD, and 3 x 3.8TB SSD. 

Rubrik Software Editions

Besides Ribrik’s Cloud Data Managemen Appliances, the company offers three software editions of its flagship product, which can be installed on supported platforms. Rubrik Software at the Edge, to extend data management to virtualized and physical remote and branch offices (ROBO). Rubrik Software in the Cloud, to elevate data management to the cloud with backup, replication, and disaster recovery for cloud-native apps. And, Rubrik Software on Industry Platforms, available on qualified industry-leading hardware platforms, including Cisco and HPE.

Rubrik Polaris SaaS

Rubrik Polaris is a SaaS platform that sits on top of Could Data Management. Polaris aims to provide a global policy framework, workflow orchestration, and analytics for secondary data managed. Rubrik refers to Polaris SaaS as a unified system of record, integrated by data management applications including GPS, Radar, Sonar, Data Policy, Information Governance, and Data Intelligence.

The integration of these applications with Polaris creates a platform that serves to search, security, and workflow orchestration on a global content catalog. Also, to expose native platform functionality for Rubrik and third-party developers. And, to make it more comfortable and faster to recover from security attacks while providing better intelligence when an incident impacts global applications and data.

Rubrik Mosaic

Rubrik Mosaic is a data protection software explicitly built for NoSQL Data Management, cloud-native applications, and distributed systems. It features the proprietary Consistent Orchestrated Distributed Recovery (CODR), an engine that enables application-consistent backups, recovery across topologies and clouds, and data deduplication that can reduce the storage footprint.

Ransomware Recovery

One of the Key benefits of Rubrik technology is protecting against Ransomware attacks. With Radar, Rubick offers instant recovery from ransomware with immutable backups built into the platform. Additionally, quickly search and restore files to the most recent clean versions, whether they are stored on-premises or in the cloud. 

Other solutions from Rubrik include Data Archival, Remote & Branch Offices, Analytics & Reporting, AWS Native Protection, NoSQL, and Continuous Data Protection (CDP). The company also provides API and Automation with ServiceNow, vRealize Automation, vCloud Director, and Configuration Management. And Security, with Data Classification and GDPR Compliance.