How to Upgrade SSD Firmware

SSD manufacturers issue firmware updates throughout the lifetime of solid state drives (SSDs), but many users are confused about how to upgrade SSD firmware. Though the obvious aim at launch is to release products that require consumers to simply install and use the SSDs, manufacturers sometimes need to release firmware updates down the road to address technical issues and bugs that are revealed once the SSDs are sold into the market. Beyond that, sometimes a new SSD firmware can even offer performance enhancements along with better host system compatibility and drive reliability. This guide helps to outline how best to upgrade SSD firmware.

how to upgrade ssd firmware

Upgrading an SSD's firmware though isn't always as simple or intuitive as it should be. The upgrade process can be even more difficult for those without an optical drive and spare media. Sometimes, it's just handy to boot up from another drive and handle your update that way. In other cases, some updates require low-level of full drive reformatting. In those situations (which manufacturers note accordingly with the firmware update information), all data is wiped from the drive, and users will need to backup their data prior to the update.

In the following "How to Upgrade SSD Firmware" guides, breaks down the SSD firmware upgrade process to help clarify the process and make it easier to accomplish without any hiccups. More specifically, each article gives a standard firmware upgrade process overview, along with instructions for using a bootable USB drive to upgrade SSD firmware where possible. 

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