News Bits: Nexsan, KIOXIA, Veeam, Datrium, StorONE, & NVIDIA

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content, not the impact they have. Nexsan releases new BEAST Elite models. KIOXIA adds provisioner service to KumoScale. Insight Partners completes acquisition of Veeam. Datrium adds five new patents. StorONE buys Storage Switzerland. NVIDIA acquires SwiftStack.

This week’s News Bits we look at a number of small announcements, small in terms of the content, not the impact they have. Nexsan releases new BEAST Elite models. KIOXIA adds provisioner service to KumoScale. Insight Partners completes acquisition of Veeam. Datrium adds five new patents. StorONE buys Storage Switzerland. NVIDIA acquires SwiftStack.

Nexsan Releases New BEAST Elite Models

The StorCentric company, Nexsan, announced that it was expanding its high-density BEAST storage platform with two new Elite Models. The first addition is the BEAST Elite for demanding storage environments such as media and entertainment, surveillance, government, health care, financial and backup. The BEAST platform supports HDDs up to 16TB meaning one can hit a density of 2.88PB in a 12U system. Nexsan also released the BEAST Elite F that support QLC NAND technology. The BEAST Elite F is for storage environments that need more performance while keeping SSD costs in line.

Nexsan BEAST

 KIOXIA Adds Provisioner Service To KumoScale

KIOXIA announced that it has added a provisioner service to its NVMe-oF storage software, KumoScale. According to the company, KumoScale Provisioner Service works by tracking the fleet of SSDs and KumoScale storage nodes and managing the dynamic mapping of user volumes to nodes and physical drives. Feature include:

  • Performs intelligent mapping of user-specified storage volumes to KumoScale nodes and physical drives
  • Processes provisioning requests: Selects the best KumoScale node, chooses the SSD and how to map it, and creates the volume via REST API

KIOXIA KumoSclae

Insight Partners Completes Acquisition Of Veeam

Insight Partners completed its acquisition of Veeam Software for roughly $5 billion. The following appointments have been made:

  • William H. Largent has been promoted to Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He previously held the role of Executive Vice President (EVP), Operations.
  • Danny Allan has been promoted to Chief Technology Officer (CTO).
  • Gil Vega, previously Managing Director and CISO at CME Group, Inc. and the Associate Chief Information Officer & CISO for the U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement in Washington, DC, has been appointed Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).
  • Nick Ayers, of Ayers Neugebauer & Company, a member of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders and former Chief of Staff to the Vice President of the United States, joins Insight Partners Managing Directors Mike Triplett, Ryan Hinkle, and Ross Devor on the Veeam Board of Directors.


Datrium Adds 5 New Patents

Datrium announced that it has been awarded five new U.S. patents. The patents are as follows:

  • Blanket Encryption. Datrium US patent #10,540,504 is a method for preserving deduplication while providing Blanket Encryption—in use, in flight and at rest—in distributed storage systems. This advancement enables the economics of state-of-the-art cloud backup storage, while using the best encryption possible to combat emerging threats in today’s era of advanced cybercrime.
  • Split Provisioning suitable for public cloud deployment. Datrium US Patent #10,180,948 complements US patent #10,140,136 and #10,359,945 (below) and extends Datrium’s Split Provisioning to include host caching and non-volatile storage as a separated part of a scaleout storage pool. This Split Provisioning architecture enables Datrium to store data economically in blob storage such as AWS S3 and restart workloads with high performance in on-demand provisioned compute resources to respond to a disaster.
  • Managing non-volatile storage as a shared resource in a distributed system. US patent #10,359,945 is a lightweight method for efficiently managing a shared pool of high-speed, non-volatile (NV) storage in a distributed system. It also enables low-latency writes in the cloud even when the bulk of the data is stored in high-latency, but cost-effective blob storage.
  • Resilient writes in a degraded distributed erasure-coded storage system with key-based addressing. US patent #10,514,982 is a core element of Datrium Automatrix technology. It shows how to store data with full redundancy and durability even in the face of transient node or drive failures in distributed erasure-coded systems. Most modern systems have mechanisms to eventually recover from a node or drive failure, but there is typically a window after a drive fails and before recovery when new data is stored in degraded mode with reduced durability. With this technology, individual nodes can fail and Datrium will maintain the same level of durability, eliminating this window of data vulnerability. When any of the storage devices in the system become inaccessible, the chunks nominally designated to be written to the device are instead written to alternate devices.
  • Data path monitoring in a distributed storage network. Datrium US patent #10,554,520 provides an improved method for distributed storage system network resilience that will work in any cloud and does not rely on the Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP), which is fragile and not available in all clouds. With Datrium’s advancements, host software and persistent storage pool software communicate with each other to assess link status and direct data flow to the best paths. Given that networking software in the cloud can fail unpredictably, this method offers enterprises a strategic improvement to storage resilience.


StorONE Buys Storage Switzerland

StorONE has acquired Storage Switzerland, a leading analyst firm covering the storage, backup, and cloud markets. Through this acquisition, the companied has made George Crump their Chief Marketing Officer. That’s one way to pick up a CMO. StorONE, as well as Crump, are primarily focused on the StorONE S1 Enterprise Storage Platform launched this week.


NVIDIA Acquires SwiftStack

NVIDIA has signed a definitive agreement to acquire SwiftStack. SwiftStack wants a assure existing custoemrs that they will continue to maintain, enhance, and support 1space, ProxyFS, Swift, and the Controller, while working with NVIDIA to continue to solve challenges around AI at scale. The transaction is expected to close in the next few weeks, subject to customary conditions.



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