by Mark Kidd

Dell Announces Compellent Storage Center 6.5

Dell Compellent storage systems offer all-flash and hybrid storage for large-scale enterprises with multiple automated tiers that can incorporate a variety of storage media, speeds, and interfaces. Updates slated for the Compellent Storage Center 6.5 software are designed to improve performance, enhance Dell’s Data Progression tiering technology, and add new features including block-level compression and support for self-encrypting drives. Compellent also of course supports the new Fluid Cache for SAN release.

Compellent's impressive Data Progresson technology works to optimize storage at the page level three page sizes: 512KB, 2MB, and 4MB. Within the Dell Fluid Data Architecture, files can be striped across drives for improved access times and to perform tiering optimizations in parallel. New Storage Center 6.5 benefits and enterprise features include:

  • Block level compression allowing SAN customers to store more data with fewer drives
  • Self-encrypting drive support to meet regulatory requirements
  • Synchronous Live Volume function which allows data to be restored non-disruptively
  • Improved cloud environment support in the form of segmentation for 64 times as many VLANs per iSCSI port


Compellent Storage Center 6.5 will be available in the second quarter of 2014.

Dell Compellent Storage Center

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