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Dell NetVault Backup 10, DR6000 Deduplication Appliance Released

Dell has announced updates to their backup and recovery portfolio today, launching an updated version of NetVault Backup, alongside a new flagship deduplication appliance, the DR6000. NetVault 10 is highlighted by a new web-based UI, better scalability and tight integration with Dell's DR family of appliances. The Dell DR6000 gives customers access to new levels of scale and performance from Dell's deduplication appliance line, along with an industry first, source side dedupe for NFS and CIFS backup.

Dell DR6000

Dell has seen significant growth in their dedupe appliance family since launching the DR4000 in 2012 and the DR4100 last year. Those units account for 52PB shipped across 1,800 customers and 2,600 total units. The DR6000 continues Dell's appliance-based story, bringing new scale and performance to the market. Targeted at larger enterprises, the DR6000 brings double the raw capacity and greater scalability when compared to the DR4100. 

The DR6000 is designed to be the central backup target in larger enterprise environments. With support for 64:1 replication (twice the 32:1 available in the DR4100), it is suited for the classic hub and spoke backup architecture for branch/remote offices as well. The DR6000 scales to 180TB raw capacity, thanks for 4TB hard drives and up to four disk expansion shelves. 

NetVault Backup 10

83,000 customers use Dell software solutions for backup; the release of NetVault Backup 10 with an emphasis on usability and performance, is designed to drive Dell solutions further into the enterprise. The biggest highlight are visual and usability enhancements, thanks to the new web-based GUI that works in any web browser. The GUI results in more intuitive configuration and management, along with monitoring that makes it easy for backup admins to get a visual indicator of their entire environment. 

Other key updates include improved performance thanks to a new backend database and updates in the scheduler and media manager algorithms that combine for vastly improved responsiveness. The database modifications also give NetVault Backup an increase in scalability by 3X, which is needed to support the DR6000's capacity of 180TB. Together, NetVault Backup 10 and the DR6000 provide throughput of up to 22TB per hour when using Rapid Data Access (RDA) which allows for tighter integration of the backup software and target appliance. 

Pricing and Availability

Both NetVault Backup 10 and the DR6000 are available now direct from Dell or through the channel. NetVault Backup 10 pricing starts at $1,290, while the DR6000 starts at roughly $60,000 for 9TB of usable capacity. 

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