by Mark Kidd

SafeNet Launches StorageSecure Multi-Tenant NAS Encryption Appliance

SafeNet has announced the immediate availability of StorageSecure, a self-contained NAS hardware encryption appliance developed in collaboration with NetApp. StorageSecure is designed to drop into the network between clients and servers, linking them via a hardware cryptographic path to provide data isolation in multi-tenant environments.

SafeNet StorageSecure integrates with directory services including LDAP, Microsoft AD, and NIS to incorporate existing user access and authentication controls. An additional layer of dual authorization control can be defined within the appliance. StorageSecure offers centralized auditing and security management, with validation underway for NIST FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliance.
KeySecure Integration
StorageSecure integrates with SafeNet’s Enterprise Key Management solution, KeySecure, to centrally manage cryptographic keys across encryption platforms, including key and policy administration.
KeySecure can be used for key management of StorageSecure appliances, NetApp Storage Encryption (NSE) full disk encryption, and devices which support the KMIP standard. KeySecure also offers key management for other storage encryption solutions including Brocade encryption switch (BES) self-encrypted drives used in other SAN and NAS environments and self-encrypted backup tape drives.
SafeSecure Specifications
  • NIST FIPS 140-2 Level 3 (validation in process)
  • FIPS-PUB 186: AES (Key Length: 256) encryption
  • True Random Number Generator (TRNG)
  • Key zeroization on security breach

Availability and Reliability

  • Clustering for full redundancy and automatic failover
  • Dual hot-swappable power supplies
  • Redundant fans
  • Serviceable air filter
  • Anti-probing sensors


  • S220: 1GbE network interface
  • S280: 10GbE network interface


  • CIFS
  • NFS

Directory Services

  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • LDAP
  • NIS
  • Manage all StorageSecure and KeySecure appliances from a single management console
  • Management console uses optional two-factor authentication with role based administration
  • Quorum-based authentication for sensitive security operations such as recovery, initialization, and establishing trusted relationships
StorageSecure is available now,MSRP pricing for StorageSecure starts at $40K for the s220 (1GbE Ethernet) and $100K for the s280 (10GbE Ethernet).
StorageSecure overview
KeySecure overview
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