StorageReview Review Program

For manufacturers or vendors wishing to have their products covered and reviewed by a publication, there are often many ways to make that happen. Many larger publications require a cash payment to review a product, where others either have implied or required event sponsorships, advertisement buys or the like to get coverage. StorageReview is different, especially in the corporate IT space. Our editorial team cares more about creating great content that using content as part of the business model. For that reason we don't charge to have a product reviewed or otherwise written about on StorageReview and because we don't host events or offer paid editorial awards for enterprise products, there's less conflict of interest. 

To be fair, we do accelerate reviews for companies who are site sponsors or companies who give StorageReview exclusive access to products. To be clear, sponsorships and advertising buys mean two different things here. Advertising consists of the ads you see throughout the site. Sponsors are very different and work with StorageReview in a more integrated way, often out of public view, leveraging StorageReview much like an outsourced lab. Sponsors gain preferred review queue treatment of their products, but receive no benefit in terms of more favorable content.

On the consumer side, StorageReview aims to keep review content relevant and meaningful for our readers. We also use our extensive knowledge of products in the enterprise space to introduce new benchmarking or testing ideas in the consumer market. As a result, we only cover hard drives, the best ten SSD brands, and aim to bring coverage of interesting accessories and software when appropriate.

With very distinct target markets and vastly different testing methodologies, we operate two testing environments. For consumer products we use an array of custom-built workstations built around commodity hardware available in the home or small business market. These platforms allow us to test products under realistic conditions, instead of expensive overclocked platforms that not all buyers or readers have access to. While the specifications of these systems get updated with each new product generation, we currently use Intel processors, ASUS motherboards, and Corsair for system memory, boot SSDs, cooling, power supplies, and cases.

Our primary testing environment is the StorageReview Enterprise Test Lab, designed to handle everything from PCIe Application Accelerators to SANs, to large all-flash storage arrays. In our lab we currently partner with Lenovo, Corsair, Eaton, Mellanox, and others for equipment such as compute servers, power conditioning and rack-space, high-speed 10/40Gb Ethernet and InfiniBand networking, and more.

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